Pvd bolt carrier group

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Bolt Carrier Groups

State Licensed Security Company. Corrections Officer. Military personnel. Sworn Law Enforcement officer. Not more than one purchase - Glock Blue Label. Resident of Texas. This Mil-Spec bolt carrier group is machined from some For more information, see www. I ordered one for a build for my wife. Seems to be of high quality. The staking on the gas key is all uniform and looks good. The only thing I would warn of is the colors on the bcg I received had a lot more blues and greens as opposed to the pinks and purples shown in the picture.

Works out fine for me as it's in a robins egg blue cerakoted upper and actually matches pretty well.Both are machined out of S7 tool steel.

Weight: Manufacturer defects include broken lugs, out of spec parts or defective parts. Although our BCG is Mil-Spec, there are so many variables, sometimes a little troubleshooting, or fine tuning of parts may be required for proper functionality.

Before a part is replaced or refunded, SRC reserves the right to inspect and test part s in question to determine if it is defective. Patent No.

pvd bolt carrier group

Coating thickness: Microns Hardness HV 0. Jose Santiaguel verified owner — November 17, Dorian Miller verified owner — November 18, Raymond verified owner — November 18, Awesome looking product had the opportunity to fire my. Very easy to clean thanks guys. James verified owner — November 19, Sharps has absolutely the best bolt of many that I have tried from different manufacturers, on bolt carriers you get what you pay for and sharps you get alot of quality for the price.

Thanks again. Maverick verified owner — November 22, Recently purchased this BCG. I am very happy with the quality of the product. Would buy again and recommend to friends. Merickwise verified owner — November 22, Cleaning is fast and easy even with the dirtiest of ammo. Requires only the slightest amount of lubrication and I have not seen any ware.

I feel so good about this bcg that when I sat down to build my wife an AR I knew this was one of the parts that would be in it. J W verified owner — November 24, Peter Brandt verified owner — November 26, Received my order very quickly and in perfect condition the coating is so smooth have put about rounds thru it cycles great.Bolt carrier groups are available aplenty, but few could meet Faxon's exacting standards for performance and value.

Improvements include using tool steel for the Improvements include using tool steel for the bolt, which is stronger and nitriding the assembly to increase surface hardness, decrease resistance, and have superior corrosion resistance compared to typical chrome and phosphated bolt carrier groups. Within Miles of.

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pvd bolt carrier group

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Bolt Carrier Groups

Quick view. Faxon Firearms Faxon Firearms. Faxon Firearms Faxon Firearms 5. More Information Specifications. Note - Bolt carriers ordered and deployed with barrels not specifically checked by Faxon for headspacing MUST be checked to ensure safe and reliable function. Let's Customize Your Experience Select your state below to see product shipping restrictions as you shop. No dealers match the range. Sign Up.The NiB coating provides added lubricity, friction reduction for a smoother cycling, excellent corrosion resistance, and prevents carbon build-up for easy removal of carbon.

Each bolt carrier group maintains strict Mil-Spec dimensions to ensure reliable and guaranteed functionality. Shot peened and MPI tested to ensure quality. All products featured on our website reflect in-store availability. If you can add it to the cart, then it's In-Stock and Ready to Ship!

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pvd bolt carrier group

All products sold by Redcon1 Tactical are new and under warranty from the manufacturer unless otherwise stated in the product description. Redcon1 Tactical offers a lifetime warranty on all R1 Tactical name-brand products. If the product is defective, Redcon1 Tactical will exchange the item s or give you a full refund including shipping costs within 30 days of receipt.

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Bolt Carrier Groups

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pvd bolt carrier group

Methods for shipping will be based on destination, size, value, and content. Firearms cannot ship to a PO Box. For a specific shipping carrier, please include directions in the comments box during checkout or call sales at Bet-your-life dependability is a non-negotiable prerequisite. There are many decisions to make when choosing parts for an AR15 build. Whether you are putting together an AR pistol, rifle or carbine, no decision is more critical to the proper function of the system than the choice of Bolt Carrier Group.

We have expanded our selection of bolt carrier groups and now offer a variety of different finishes. Below: Nickel Boron is a top of the line coating with a superbly smooth finish. It is engineered to minimize friction by cutting down the surface to surface contact between sliding parts. This finish not only reduces friction, but it also dissipates heat, allowing for less wear and tear.

It has a natural lubricity and is easy to clean up while having a shiny silver look that complements a black rifle nicely. It is an extremely tough, corrosion proof coating, with excellent low-friction properties. Ionbond Black DLC will not chip, crack or peel, providing you with years of reliable function and protection against wear. It is so strong that it is virtually scratch proof. It has an attractive gray graphite-like appearance. This phosphate finish holds the lubricant and ensures the carrier runs smoothly round after round.

Below: Titanium Nitride is an extremely hard ceramic material, often used in aerospace and military applications that improves the maintenance, cleaning, and edge retention. This finish provides a unique look, and excellent lubricity, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

Every component of the bolt carrier groups we sell is manufactured from the finest gun-quality steels available. Bolts are made from either mil-spec Carpenter steel or high strength steel.

Each type of steel is very popular and in wide use for AR15 and M16 bolts due to superior strength and toughness. Currently all our bolt carrier groups from ToolcraftAero Precision and Fail Zero come with full auto M style carriers. This adds about an ounce of weight to the carrier and it is preferred for many AR15 builds.

Whether you are looking to buy the best bolt carrier group for a build or just need a spare, any choice from our catalog will be a fine addition to an accurate and dependable AR15 and will give you many years of trouble free use. Clear All. Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Add to Cart.

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Should you need an Aero Precision product we don't carry, we recommend going directly to the great folks at Aero Precision. Out of stock. FailZero is the undisputed pioneer of Nickel Boron technology.

When failure is not an option, you can depend on Fail Zero. These complete bolt carrier groups come magnetic particle inspected and high pressure tested. The carrier is made from steel and the bolt from Best Seller! Toolcraft Inc. These companies know they can trust Toolcraft quality and are proud to have their logos applied to The bolt This makes it extremely resistant to wear and corrosion.

This also makes it an Update: Due to the unknown timeline for us to get these from Toolcraft, you may be interested in a similar product from Brownells. Your 6. This 6.There are two schools of thought when choosing the best AR bolt carrier group for your rifle.

The first school says the bolt is the only thing between your face and a small explosion, so it should be high quality. You can find the other parts here : Best in Class Articles.

I devoted a chunk of my AR build guide article to the requirements for a great bolt carrier group. But I will repeat them here to save you a click and some scrolling. The most important factors are the type of steel and the heat treatment. Carpenter steel and steel are the best choices and are fortunately the most common. For a while, some people were making bolts out of steel which is NOT acceptable.

In fact, is mil-spec for the carrier and has worked perfectly for over 50 years. The left hand carriers have shrouded firing pins. A shrouded firing pin is VERY important because without it, all the force used to cock the hammer is applied to the firing pin. An unshrouded firing pin causes excessive wear on both the firing pin and hammer and can easily break your firing pin with hard use.

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By contrast, a shrouded firing pin allows the carrier to take the force and apply it more evenly to the hammer. To get the best bolt possible, there are other things to look for. Shot peening will ensure:. Back in the 60s, this was essential. FYI: If you buy after clicking most of the product links on this page, I'll make a few pennies out of each dollar you spend.

It's not much, but it keeps the website going and I would appreciate your support. Parkerizing is fairly corrosion resistant but is also extremely porous. The surface is not smooth, but is full of tiny microscopic holes like the surface of a sponge.Due to higher than normal call volume, please allow additional business days for Customer Service inquiries.

Due to fulfillment delays from our apparel providers, please allow an additional days for apparel. Thank you for your patience.

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When looking at lightweight bolt carrier groups, we were unsatisfied with what the market had to offer. Seeing a capability gap, we set out to create a bolt carrier group that could live up to the Gunner name with no compromise in strength or function. We set specifications that would allow no compromise:.

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Matching our barrels, we selected Salt Bath Nitride for all the carriers components. By coating all parts, the carrier's natural slickness is increased markedly requiring less gas and pressure to operate.

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Further, the Nitride process seals components against corrosion while making them fantastically wear resistant. Improvements include using tool steel for the bolt, and nitriding the assembly to increase surface hardness, decrease resistance, and have superior corrosion resistance compared to typical chrome and phosphasted bolt carrier groups.

All bolts are fully MPI tested to ensure the material is sound and without defects. Bolt lugs are chamfered 45 degrees to ensure reliable action for even the highest pressure hand loads and fast lightweight actions. Faxon Bolt Carrier Groups are Superfinished to reduce friction, increase smoothness of operation, and reduce fouling. Further, they are full-Auto rated and maintain the trip for full-auto fire control groups and new multi-stage trigger systems.

Gas keys use grade 8 fasteners and are fully staked for a lifetime of service. As a testament of our confidence, the carriers are all laser-engraved with the Faxon Shield after passing all Quality inspections.

Faxon recommends the use of an adjustable gas block with our Gunner lightweight BCG for proper function. Faxon 5. Click to zoom in. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock:.

We set specifications that would allow no compromise: Lightest Weight Possible 8. Related Products Customers Also Viewed. Improvements include using tool steel for the bolt, nitriding the Sold Out. Improvements include using tool steel for the bolt, nitriding Seeing a capability gap, we set out to create a bolt carrier group that could live up to the Improvements include using tool steel for the bolt, Faxon Firearms has long been known for bringing quality and value to our customers when it comes to purchasing parts for their rifle builds.

Faxon is taking things to the next level and bringing that

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